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About Global Power

Our Mission:
To elevate and empower individuals to pursue and create generational wealth and freedom through personal development and the perfect opportunity.  Our goal is to create 100 Diamonds with 6 & 7 figure Incomes within the next 3 years. Also we will help to capture 1% of North America's market of coffee drinkers within 3yrs. Generating $125 million dollars in sales per month.  We will share $62.5 million dollars in commissions per month with our Team Members. You are invited to join our Worldwide OG family and share our success.

Global Power is committed to become the largest and most dominant team in the history of our industry. We are an elite team of dynamic individuals with diverse backgrounds capitalizing in several multi-Billion dollar industries.  GP is pleased and honored to have partnered up with an unprecedented and ground floor company, Organo Gold. Organo Gold is poised to be a billion dollar company within the next 36 months.   

With the dynamic force of GP and Organo Gold, the sky is definitely the limit.  With more than 50 years of combined experience in this industry, Global Power has  created a state-of-the-art training and support system designed to provide you with all the insights, tools, and techniques necessary to help you build your successful business as quickly and easily as possible. GP is committed to the highest standards of integrity, morals, family values, and ethics.With our proven track record, the leadership team of Global Power will continue to provide you with the most comprehensive and precise training system available through website support, webinars, high tech email support, telephonic presentations, online trainings, pre-recorded messages and local meetings in your area.


Welcome… and experience Global Power.  

Global Power Leadership Team